Open DVD Producer on Microsoft's operating system

Minimum requirements

Open DVD Producer will run on Windows version 7 or later. It is not known if it will run on older versions, like XP.


The available Windows version is not an installation package. It is a bundled .exe file, on it's own. It means that you need to put it somewhere on your system. As a comparison, it is like a "portable" application.

Another thing to consider is that, like the Mac version, there is a embeded version of the tools used (ffmpeg, dvdauthor, cdrtools). If, for some reason, you want to use anoter version of this tools, you will need to take the source code and run by yourself. It is unknown if there is the possibility to change the executables inside this bundle.


  1. Download the package from the main page.
  2. Unpack it. You can use 7z to do so.
  3. Place it somewhere.
  4. Now you can run it. If it is good for you, you can create a shortcut on your desktop, for example.
  5. Remove the zip file from your computer.

Known issues

Be sure that we are working to get the following issues solved.

  • If you do not have the necessary codecs intalled on your system, the video playback will not run.
  • It will not create the ISO image if you do not save your project.
  • It does not create the industry-standard ISO (for replication).